Who is Kim Dao?

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Kim Dao is a popular Australian YouTuber where she posts videos based on her day to day life. She was born on September 4, 1990, in Australia and is currently 28 years old. Kim Dao graduated from the University of Western Australia, studying Japanese and psychology and loves fashion, makeup, and traveling. She knows because of her YouTube channel, where she blogs and uploads videos regarding fashion, beauty, and shares how to stay a healthy life based on her life. Doing well in her career as a YouTuber, Kim Dao earns her fortune and has become one of the wealthiest YouTubers in Australia. She also has ranked on those lists of famous people born in September.

Kim Dao has become one of Australia’s beauty figures influencing her viewers by blogging her lifestyle. Kim Dao has worked with numerous fashion brands and has also been featured on several TV shows. Kim Dao loves traveling and started to blog while going to Japan as she fell in love with this country and wanted to capture all the memories of her travel.

She has an immense love for makeup, and fashion made her into a YouTube star and one of Australians wealthiest YouTubers. Kim Dao was recently named the latest monthly travel shopping blog award by pretairporter. She lives her life full of adventure and spice and creates videos based on her viewers prescriptive. Being highly explosive, her videos on makeup and fashion are addictive and creative.

Kim Dao is a highly effective and exceptional communicator and she considers her communication skill her road to success. Kim Dao is passionate about expressing her thoughts, emotions, and experiences in her blog, getting ideas and listening to her followers. Due to her immense popularity in YouTube and the real world, she has, in many ways, influenced her followers and people regarding fashion, makeup, traveling, and daily routine.

With her tremendous popularity as a social influencer, Kim Dao was a privilege to cooperate and utilize many prominent and brands that are popular. She has been also featured in both Japan and Western Australia newspapers and TV shows. She’s admired and love by lots of individuals from the other side of the globe because of her playful and lively strategy. Kim Dao is like a free bird with no barriers and that need to continue on investigating and adventuring several new matters in everyday life. And she wants each and every idea and knowledge with her or her followers. And also help them in obtaining their dreams and also be a more successful person within their life.


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