Types of ATX motherboard

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For the PC, you will need just the motherboard but all the necessary parts. Techmogia has the beginners guide playlist that will walk you through what those parts are and how to build your system and put everything together. There are seven core components for a gaming PC: the CPU, memory, storage, case, power supply, graphics card, and motherboard. If you are picking up a motherboard, you should have made two decisions already. With the CPU you will be using, and what case as the CPU will determine what platform and socket your motherboard should have, and the case will determine the size or form factor.

If you have just started you’re probably most concerned about the basic, will it work. It is the level 1 skill level, which means you’re focusing on the most fundamental compatibility questions, which are most related to your choice of CPU and case for the motherboard. There are three common choices for case compatibility: the ATX, which is a full-sized desktop motherboard, is the most common.

The micro ATX, which is a little bit smaller, won’t have as many expansions slot down for adding cards. Although there is one or two extra along with your main expansion slot for the video card and mini ITX, which is the smallest form factor and a great choice for super compact builds, it won’t have any PCI Express expansion slots apart from the main one for the graphics card. The full-size ATX provides the most room to work and expansion options for the future and the most options for the cases and the motherboards on the market.

ATX is sometimes overlooked, so your choices and motherboards and cases might be limited, but it’s a great option if you need a smaller system while still maintaining some room to go. Mini ITX is popular for super compact builds, but those can be more challenging for beginners since there’s less room to work with, and of course, there’s limited room to grow as well. There are pros and cons to all three sizes, but once you decided which is right for you, make sure you get an ATX motherboard for an ATX case. For more information please visit here

The next choice of motherboard for the i9 9900k Processor is MSI Meg Godlike Z390. This motherboard is a top and top-listed brand in the field of motherboards. This motherboard comes with fully packaged features and available at a reasonable price. It also includes an excellent 18 phase VRM with 4400 MHz. The following best motherboard recorded by the Techmoiga website is Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme. This motherboard gives strong performances and applications. They are ready at an affordable price and will be the perfect choice for an i9 9900k Processor.


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