Greatest pocket knife under $50

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Wisdom and frugality are traits of a true gentleman, intending to purchase the newest hottest item. Since the pocket knife has existed for as long, man has required a sturdy blade by this side and had the pockets to take them. It needs to be easy to find something which can do a fine job whenever you will need to cut without causing you to spend your money improperly. Obtaining a hard-working best pocket knife without having to spend more than $50 isn’t an unreasonable demand.

With a super lightweight frame lock design, the Gerber Ripstop pocket knife provides surprising strength and functionality with an overall length of 5.57. The streamlined handle doesn’t add bulk to the slim profile, making it the perfect size for the pocket. The next best pocket knife is your opinel carbon steel folding knife. This essential too is unchanged since 1890, and it is a must have for outdoorsman and handyman alike. The stainless viral block security ring has two segments, one fixed and one sliding, for secure locking. Panel carbon steel is extremely hard, thereby guaranteeing excellent cutting quality.

Ka-Bar Dozier folder 3.0 pocket best automatic knives for the money is an award-winning lock back design by Bob Dozier. It is an affordable, functional all-purpose knife appropriate for daily tasks. It’s a hunter blade, lock back design locking mechanism includes a pocket clip. Kershaw cryo two pocket knife with a stealthy black wash finish on the blade provides extra protection helping conceal scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints. This stainless steel blade features excellent toughness, edge retention, and rust resistance. It secures frame lock, locks bar stabilizer, and for position deep carry pocket clip.

Quick open daily carry knife the SOG flash tanto pocket knife serves as a daily carry knife for quick regular tasks. Black serrated edge pocket knife, quick release knife with black titanium nitrate coasting is scratch. 1 hand opened using a piston lock. This EDC knife is engineered with SOG assisted opening Tec with fast single-handed access.

The advantages to OTF knives are if the lock were to fail on you give out. It will not cause any harm to you. The blade would retract into the handle as designed. It would not function anymore, but you wouldn’t lose your fingers. A folding knife, however you do have the risk if that lock were to fail and then the knife was too close on the fingers, you could get badly cut, and that would be no good. One of the intrinsic advantages of an OTF knife is the lock; although you fail, you won’t get hurt. It is unlikely that it could be possibly hurt you at all.


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