Die casting company in Malaysia: Importance of testing process.

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A guaranteed result is intense in the aluminum die casting company. So the testing process of die casting products is a must. Since it is automated, there are high chances of machine failures. And if those failures are ignored or not seen, it could cause significant damage to your finished products. For this reason, aluminum die casting manufacturer came up with a test process to ensure adequate quality control procedures.

When die casting company is in process, ensure that air bubbles do not get caught in the parts. Tiny and few bubbles are unavoidable, but too many of them could stress the machine and damage. These air bubbles getting trapped in the part of the machine is called porosity. The porosity test is done with the help of X-ray techniques or destructive testing. Only quality assurance professionals are authorized to do the porosity test process. Excessive porosity causes damage to the machine, ensuring that proper casting techniques are used to prevent damage. While die casting, utilize the appropriate procedure to control excessive porosity. It is only after completing the test of the finished products, quality assurance is possible.

A visual criterion is another feature to be established before you start the process of die casting. Discuss and finalize the design with the customer at an early stage of product development. A poor die casting process controls will result in an unpleasant visual appearance. If you are unsure if it looks right, compare it with the actual casting surface to the one customer provided. Dimensional problem is another issue that could be faced. There are possibilities that some parts may not match up with the desired dimensions.

This could be because of wear in the die or shifting between the die halves. It is recommended that the quality team carefully evaluate the dimensions during the die casting process. Premier Die Casting is highly recommended if you need an extensive and assured die casting testing with superior quality. Premier Die Casting focuses on pressure testing, which is the most reliable way to ensure it is leak-free. Air and water pressure testing are other testing methods they use while die casting.

Casting design with no draft is useless since it’s not possible to remove the casting from the die without a draft. Ensure that your die casting design is tapered more on the inner walls than the outside walls. When the metal gets rigid, it shrinks and gets tightly fitted on the inside casting. Thus, to make casting removal easier, create a more substantial interior draft.


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