USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It was given the name “universal” as engineers thought it would become the ultimate connector that connects all despite the type or variation of devices. However, it failed to uphold its name as different variations of USB were designed to meet the needs of the device. Not one USB was able to universally connect all the different devices. The infamous USB-A was also completely flawed. Users found it infuriating since the USB would not insert properly on the first try. The latest USB-C specification was published in 2014, after which various technology brands started to follow. It is expected to be a worthy upgrade that will uphold its name as the universal device that connects all.

USB C power banks are the portable power supply. It works similar to other power banks but is designed with the latest upgrade with type C features. Unlike USB Type C Power bank, type C can be easily recognized. It exhibits a rectangular shape with smooth curved corners. It is completely symmetrical. The connector is of standard size that is small, about one-third the previous USB plug’s size. It can easily be connected to super-thin mobile devices and enough to connect all peripherals of a laptop or computers.

The symmetrical feature eliminates the infuriating attempts to plug the device. USB C power banks could be plugged in both ways. It is almost impossible to insert it incorrectly. The single USB connector shape can adapt to different devices. Users can now avoid carrying loads of different USB cables. The tiny USB C power banks support faster charging.

Before the technology can solve the issue of battery limit on smartphones, USB C power banks can be the ultimate saver. The only disadvantage of the type C feature is that it cannot plug into older device standards. However, more devices are working on an upgrade to the type C feature. The uncomfortable collection of differently shaped connectors for different sized devices can finally come to an end.

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