Anime fanatic: One Piece

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A plethora number of people are a big fan of watching animes. The art style and unique plots were created in Japan but soon exploded into the international market and noticed by foreign consumers. Nowadays, avid animation lovers form a tight-knit community, sharing their love and interest over their favorite series or characters. People find various encapsulated products from popular anime, and cosplay is another way to show appreciation for the animation community.

Millennials have grown up watching the likes Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. Shows like Fairytale and One Piece exhilarate the present generation. Although some may argue that the show’s episodes are too long, enthusiastic fans patiently wait for a new release every month. One Piece is an ongoing anime created by Eiichiro Oda, and the name knows the eccentric protagonist of the series of Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is unique as his name and is accompanied by his friends, who are equally witty and extraordinary, like the hero.

Luffy and his friends venture for new adventures with the ultimate goal of becoming the King of the pirates. Along the way, they encounter new challenges and battle to defeat powerful nemesis. One of the reasons the thrilling adventures are fun and successful is because of the Luffy gears. At the beginning of the story, the hero accidentally eats the devil fruit that allows him a unique ability as a rubber man. Over time, through rigorous training, Luffy enhances his ability to different gears. All Luffy gears are powerful, and when it is utilized, he can defeat the strongest of the enemy. For more information please visit here https://www.tldevtech.com/all-luffys-gears

During an intense battle, Luffy uses the different gears accordingly and opens a window of opportunity to get his opponents’ better. After leveling up, Luffy gear second is the first one that he succeeded in cultivating. When he goes for the second gear, Luffy can escalate the surge of power and momentum. As he proceeds with the different gears, he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Luffy gear fifth remains undisclosed, but many speculate that the gear may use the Devil Fruit. If the prediction becomes true, Luffy may evolve into a mighty daemon that handles the gears for a longer time. The fifth gear makes him a notable fighter against his opponent and capable of beating a strong enemy.


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